Networking Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison broadly aims at mobile, wireless networking, Internet systems and protocols, Internet security, cluster interconnects, and data center networks. We are building fast, efficient, secure, and reliable networked systems and protocols at different scales. The Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory (WAIL) conducts measurement-based research to investigate Internet performance, topology, robustness and security, and develops new systems and protocols that expand and enhance Internet functionality. The Wisconsin Wireless and NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) Laboratory builds new, deployable wireless technologies such as low-power, long-range wireless systems and emerging high bandwidth systems in next-generation wireless networks, and applies them to diverse applications ranging from smart transportation, healthcare, and sustainable systems. The Wisconsin NetLab explores the effective use of emerging network hardware to architect rack-scale and data center scale systems.



Ming Liu
Assistant Professor

Graduate Students

Chengdong Wang
Graduate Student
Partho Sarthi
Graduate Student
Aadi Swadipto Mondal
Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students

ZiZhou Zhang 2021-


Alum A Ph.D., 2021. Now at XXX